We will fashion a workshop to suit your situation. We will work with you in a pre-Rhythm Circle conference to discover your needs and fulfill your goals.

Have drums, will travel!
“Oh no not me, I definitely do not have any rhythm and I hate participating in groups.” This phrase has been heard countless times as participants walk into a room filled with drums and percussion instruments.

Woodstock Rhythm Circles has presented its program to groups as diverse as 30 plastic surgeons in Northern Virginia, 25 insurance executives in Albany, N.Y. a summer camp group of 5-10 year olds, and a room full of seniors ages 78–102. In every case the infectious rhythms and musical games brought everyone closer and more intimate with each other.

The workshop begins with everyone being told that as hard as they may try, nobody can make any mistakes. This immediately sets up a safe space for the participants as they begin their magical journey. The various exercises include drum conversations whereby two people are asked to listen carefully to their partner’s creative voice, using the drum to explain the ups and downs of a typical work day, and breaking up into competitive fun groups to tell the story of their business through rhythm and lyrics.

Teambuilding is always present as the group soon finds itself more focused, present to the moment at hand, and in touch with their personal power. As everyone is leaving the common conversation seems to be, “ Wow that was fun, when can we do it again?”

Woodstock Rhythm Circles stimulate communication and relationship skills which are relevant to participants in Mediation, Diversity Training, Compassion Fatigue, and Team Building.

If you have a group, we will be there.

• At Risk Youth Groups
• Business Retreats
• Cancer Survivors
• Community Centers
• Compassion Fatigue Workshops
• Conferences
• Corporations
• Couples Workshops
• Cruise Ships
• Diversity Trainings
• Heart Therapy
• Holiday Celebrations
• Holistic and Spa Centers
• Hospices

• Hospitals
• In-Service Trainings
• Mediation
• Nursing Homes
• Places of Worship
• Prevention Services
• Private Parties
• School Reunions
• Schools
• Senior Residences
• Sports Teams
• Summer Camps
• Youth Groups

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