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Camp Huntington

Marist College


“The drumming circles you produced for our staff orientation helped create a musical bond that I observe to be going strong, now two weeks into our season.  Your ability to musically unite people through drumming is inviting for all ages and backgrounds, and I look forward to your return visit to share your program with our campers this summer.”
Daniel Falk
Associate Director
Camp Huntington

NY Long Term Care Insurance

“Everyone enjoyed it and found it truly to be a unique experience that they will remember for a long time.  It was interesting to see that we all have rhythmic ability somewhere deep in our souls.”

Kevin Johnson
President of NY Long Term Care Insurance, NY


“Your willingness to spend an evening instructing and challenging the students in such a dynamic and percussive manner deserves praise. Even now, days after the event, the students still speak highly of the experience and hope that you will consider a repeat performance.”

Colin McCann
University Program Director
Marist College

International Bedscapes

“Your style of leading was inspiring and your enthusiasm contagious. You modeled how to listen and then used that creatively to help us weave a wonderful web of sound.  I think your work is valuable whenever it’s important for people to learn how to listen to each other better.  This would be especially useful for team building purposes.”
Yosaif August
Bedscapes, International

"This was great. Everyone was so pleased and got so much value out of this workshop."

Lee Traband
Trainer at Pachamama Alliance

Boughton Place

 “With his several bags of excellent quality hand drums and an incredible variety of percussion instruments, Nathan quickly engages the interest of the group.  His opening introduction on the strokes of drumming encourages participation, for it becomes clear that ‘it is impossible to do something wrong’.”
Claire Danielsson, Ph.D
Executive Director, Boughton Place


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